Gamifya better life

Becoming a person with better daily habits and skills is the only way to win MainQuest.

3000/6000 EXP
18 / 20 HP
Level 4 Ninja

Deploy faster

Well-known productivity techniques

Familiar techniques like pomodoro timer, habit tracking and traditional task management.

The Pomodoro Technique

You earn gold for every minute of a completed pomodoro session.

Habit tracking

Concistency is a trait of successful people. The more consistent you are, the more rewards you get in game.

Manage tasks

With a simple way of organizing and managing all your tasks, you can rest assured tasks won't be forgotten.

Organize and perform tasks

With the pomodoro tecnhique, you can gain gold for every minute of a finished session.

It will also remind you to take breaks.

Buy epic equipment for your hard-earned work

By improving yourself just a little every day, you will eventually afford epic equipment.

It will be a symbol of your progress, and it's essential to complete the game.

Track your habits

Good habits is a typical success factor for highly successful people.

Maintaining habits that are crucial for your goals can take you where only few in the world have gone.

The quest book rewards you every day you maintain habit.

Save a distressed world in an RPG setting

MainQuest is actually a game that can be finished.

Success is dependent on you improving yourself every day.

Do not be fooled. This will be the hardest games you ever beat.

Battle fierce monsters to prove your merit

By adventuring and hunting for monsters, you get to have a little fun as reward for doing good to yourself.

How far you are able to get is also an indicator of how much you have progressed sinced creating your character.

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