Privacy Policy

MainQuest will not share any of your data to external parties without your explicit consent.


We save as little personal data about our users as possible and will not sell personal data to external parties.

Lillo Interactive AS owns the tecnical solution and MainQuest brand.

You can get company info and organization number here.

Every time we use the word "we" on this page, we refer to Lillo Interactive AS in context of the MainQuest application.


We are currently not using any tracking cookies, but might add it at a later time.

We only use essential cookies to save a user login session for using the app.

Personal data

We store your email-address, name, address and password. The purpose of this data is for logging you into the application, processing invoices and identifying you as a user.

This data will not be sold or shared. Your personal data will not be shared with other users.

Your personal data is stored for as long as you are a MainQuest user.

Upon deletion, all traces of you in the MainQuest database will be permanently and irreversably deleted.

If you had an active subscription to MainQuest while deleting, we will not refund the remainder of the subscription period. All future payments will be stopped.

Payment data

We use Stripe as a payment provider. MainQuest does therefore not store any payment information.

Read Stripe's privacy statement here: