Simple techniques for big changes

A 1% improvement every day can dramatically change your life.

Habit QuestsThe surprising power of habits and compounding interest

The internet litters us with statements like "Get rich, fit and attractive quick". Why doesn't any of them deliver?

If you understand compound interest, you basically understand the universe.

— Robert Breault

Most of us perceive time as an enemy.

Time flies and steals our youth and we miss out on opportunities.

When planting a seed in your garden or investing in the stock market, getting a tree or becoming rich likely won't happen over night.

The more time that passes, the more your chances for success will increase. Ask Warren Buffet.

When you utilize the ideas of compounding interest to life, you realize time is your main tool for overcoming great challenges.

Understanding compounding

Compounding interest can be a little bit unintuitive, but it's simple to grasp.

Let's say you have $1,000 and place it in an index fund for 10 years and do nothing more

With an average of 8% annual compounding interest, you will have $2159 in 10 years.

In 20 years it will be $4,661.

If you added $100 into that fund every month, you would have $59,575 after those 20 years.

Compound yourself

Improving habits is the compound interest of your life. With very small steps every day, you are set for big improvements.

As the famous book Atomic Habits explores: What if you improved 1% every day?

Track habits in MainQuest

In MainQuest, you can track habits and get in-game gold for your daily achievements.

  • You build up motivating stats and charts
  • You get the daily gratification of more gold to buy stuff with your character
  • By tracking habits, you become more conscious of your habits and the effects of it

For each day you maintain a habit in a row, your daily reward will increase.

If you haven't smoked a sigarette in 25 days, your character will get 25 gold shortly after midnight.

A habit is only active until you reach 100 consecutive days. After that, you will recieve 100 gold and a badge of honour.

100 consecutive days should be enough for creating most habits and we will assume you don't need MainQuest for that specific anymore.

Don't feel 100 days was enough? No problem? Just create a new habit quest and go for a new streak of 100 days.

To-do QuestsManaging what you are doing now and in the future

Small tasks can add up and become a mental burden if they accumulate fast. If you can't get them done right away, you should at least write them down as quick as possible.

The to-do list is practical and old fashioned tool to manage and track tasks. It works well as long as you stick to it.

Do not walk around with tasks only noted in your head. This can clutter your brain and you could lose focus on what's important.

In MainQuest, you can save and organize tasks in different categories:

  • Do Now - A task you will do very shortly, or MainQuest will nag
  • Someday - A task you need to do some day, but not urgent
  • Note - A task you won't do, but has useful information you want to save for later
  • Done - Task is finshed! You get some gold
  • Trash - You schedule the task for permanent deletion

You can also use the pomodoro technique for tracking the Do Now type of task to earn extra gold.

Pomodoro QuestsTimeboxing for productivity

The Pomodoro technique is as simple as work intervals. Set yourself a task to do and set the timer for 25 minutes. Then take a 5 minute break and repeat.

Wikipedia has a good description of this technique.

Your character gets one gold for every minute in a successful pomodoro session. So, normally 25 gold for a 25 minute session.